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Nuovo Cinema 500 is an urban storytelling project, its aim is to explore hidden parts of the city, film them and share its traditions and its stories with citiziens through private projection in a special cinema-car.

Nuovo Cinema 500 wants to focus on urban stories and memories and bring them back to life, exploring new ways of living and sharing public space. This intimate space for a private projection -just two people allowed – is usually set into the space of public living. Mixing inside and outside, private and common space, intimate and public memories, we create multimedia entertainment to bring people together.

The project blends multidisciplinary talents and field of expertise:
Team: Diana Ciufo (architect), Elisa Cuciniello (multimedia specialist), Marco Mastantuono (psicologist)
Videomaker: Edoardo A. Palma, Emanuele G. Forte
Engineering: Alessio Placitelli
Pictures: Ilaria Tortoriello
Actor: Elio D’Alessandro
Special thanks to Priscilla Ciufo, Marianna Ciufo, Marco Agresti, Giacomo Forte

This project has been sponsored by: GlassLab Vetreria Vanigioli (FR), Groupama Formia (LT), Annasped(LT)

Lazio Creativo
Insolito Festival, Parma 2016
Festival Trasparenze4, Modena 2016
In/Visiblecities, Gorizia 2016
La Repubblica, Parma
Il Fatto quotidiano, blog
Seminaria Sogninterra
Gazzettino del Golfo

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